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Works of Art--Pether Oil Painting, Icart Print, Sandoz Watch, Durer Woodcut Prints

Ancient Coins

Tang Dynasty Gold Chalice

Egyptian Antiquities--Incised Stele

Grecian Antiquities--Greek Teracota Vessels

Roman Antiquities--Large Sculputed Lion Head, Coins,

Chinese Antiquities--Gold Jade Vessels, Neolithic Jade, Silver Dragon Boat

Russian Antiques--Fabrege Sivler Anilval, Icons, Paper Mache Tray and Boxes

Religious Antiques--Christ Stained Glass, Icons

Inuit Sculptures--Soapstone Dancing Bears, Dancing Schaman, Trandormations Faces

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The Importance of Art, Antiques, and Antiquities

Art, antiques, antiquities, and ancient artifacts have, throughout time, been of great interest to mankind. Note the early interest and the beginnings of collections and museums of early civilizations. Today, museums and private collections of art and artifacts continue to demonstrate man's continuing interest in things of beauty, things unique, things of the past and things of ancient times. Interior decorators frequently utilize these items to offer focal points in home decorations, adding elegance to the surroundings.

Collected here are items that continue to allow individuals to relate to thepast and to continue responsible stewardship of these irreplaceable objects. The Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Chinese Antiques, the Works of Art and the Sculptures, the Religious items and the Ancient Coins allows one to feel a closeness to the past, hold and appreciate the skill of those civilizations that came before us and will allow us to pass them on to scholars, connoisseurs, and museum in the future.

Many of the items here are unique--one of a kind in the world.

It is our goal to offer the highest quality items that deserve aplace of important in one's home, in one's office, or to set an elegant tone in one's corporate offices.

We are proud of our offerings and trust that you will be proud to display any of these items. These will add elegance to any home, collection, or situation.

We ship worldwide--please see the Shipping/Handling section.