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Ancient Coins

Ancient Greece, Southern Italy--Silver Stater, Metapontom--550 B.C. to 480 B.C.--Ear of Corn on Obverse; Incuse Ear of Corn on Reverse--7.9 grams, 13 mm diameter, Very Fine condition....(AT-822)....$630

Sicily--Silver Didraghm---Agrigentum---550 B.C. to 472 B.C.---Obverse: Eagle with closed wing with AK above and A(Lamb)R below; Reverse: Crab in round incurse--8.2 grams, 19 mm in diameter; cited in Pozzi 365, MNC. 20,BAB.1.2324, Gaettens 10/8/51--a rare coin-- Very Fine Condition...(AT-831)...$820

Egyptian Empire--Silver Tetradrachm--Ptolemy X--1-6 B.C. to 88 B.C.--Obverse: Diasemed Head facing right; Reverse: Eagle on Thunderbolt with L, Delta on left and Pi, Alpha on right--14.1 grams, 23 mm--Extra Fine Condition...(AT-847)....$780

Nearing the end of the Roman Empire, Justinian I ruled from 527 through 565 A.D. This copper follis shows on the obverse a helmeted Justinian I facing forward, folding a globe, shield and cross; and, on the reverse, a large "M" with cross above and A/N/N/O at the left and the regal year on the right. It is 40 mm in diameter and weighs 21.6 grams; Extra Fine Condition...(AT-521)...$225

Mysia--Silver Tetradrachm--Perganum Cistophorus--133 B.C. to 67 B.C.--Obverse: Cista Mystica with half open lid from which a serpent issues; Reverse: Two Serpents, between them, a bow case, in right field a serpent entwining an asklefian staff, in left field, Pi, E, P--12.4 grams, 27 mm diameter--cited in Hist. Num. P. 535, Holling 6/14/51......Extra Fine Condition...(AT-453)...$580

Macedon--Silver Tetradrachm--Alexander III the Great--c. 323 B.C.---Obverse: Head of Herakles facing right covered with Lion Skin Head tied at neck; Reverse; Zeus seated with legs uncrossed, holding an eagle on left and holding a long staff on right-- 16.6 grams, 26 mm diameter.....Extra Fine Condition ..(AT-718)..$520